Kids' Karate Program

Esposito's kids' karate program focuses on the development of life skills in pursuit of martial arts excellence. We teach our students the value of respect, self-discipline, goal setting, positive attitude, and fitness.

Our semester based systems allows parents and students a convenient way to adjust their schedules throughout the year without being committed to long term contracts or high start-up costs. Students can enroll for one time a week or multiple times a week in their pursuit of a junior black belt.

Registration & Schedule

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We are on a Quest to be our Best!

We are focused on providing our students with the life skills that teach them how to be successful in the dojo, but also how to be successful in life. We reinforce the virtues of practice, dedication, hard work, resilience, and fortitude helping each student to perform with excellence while under pressure. These are important skills for personal safety as well as success in high school, college, and beyond.

Leadership Programs

Our focus on life skills has lead Esposito's to create a complete leadership training program for our students. This program teaches our young people how to present themselves in a positive manner, assist and instruct other students, speak publicly with confidence, and let their unique personalities shine to their full potential. What makes our leadership program different from those offered in high schools or clubs is that we have the venue to put all of those skills into practice.

Weapons Programs

When students reach the advanced rank level, there are opportunities for them to learn weapons. Our weapons program reinforces personal responsibility and discipline as weapons compound the difficulty of the martial arts. Each student is asked to develop the habits of regular practice and extreme attention to detail. This is a great way for your child to diversify their knowledge and excel in advanced rank material.

Private Lessons

Our instructors make themselves available to offer private lessons to our student base. These lessons can either be private or semi-private, providing an excellent opportunity to make each unique student reach their highest potential. Whether a student has a physical or learning limitation, or whether or not they want to push themselves to the next level, our highly trained staff is ready to meet their needs.